Lending institutions were instrumental in forming the Clearinghouse, and their support has been an important part of our development since then. About half of our Board of Directors are lender representatives, and our lender membership continues to grow.

Collectively, our lender members help us to serve low- and moderate-income communities in a number of ways. They provide financing for the acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of multifamily and single-family housing; community development projects, and non-profit lines of credit. They also assist us in providing homebuyer education seminars and technical assistance to non-profit borrowers.

Lender member benefits include periodic CRA Roundtables sponsored by the Clearinghouse to help keep CRA professionals informed of the regulations, viable CRA loan opportunities, networking opportunities, and CRA credit for service, lending, and investment.

Our lender member contributions enable us to provide financial and educational services to low- and moderate-income communities. We would like to thank the following institutions for their support:

For information on how to become a lender member, please contact Brenda J. Rodriguez, Executive Director.