Affordable Housing and Community Development Financing

The Affordable Housing Clearinghouse assists in the financing of projects that provide affordable housing, community development, or services to low- and moderate-income communities. We facilitate loans for affordable housing projects through our lender members. For projects that do not meet the criteria of traditional lenders, we facilitate loans through our direct lender affiliate, the Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution, which was formed to fulfill unmet credit needs. Through our lender members and the CDFI, we are able to expand financing opportunities for the low-income community.

In addition, in an effort to build their capacity and create more viable projects, we proactively provide training and technical assistance to non-profit developers. AHC provides technical assistance in the areas of project financing, project development, fundraising, management, and board development to nonprofit organizations involved in community revitalization. We work with non-profit developers in the planning stages of their projects and often work with them for several years to structure the project and the financing. Once the project is ready for financing, our staff analyzes the loan application package and sends it to our lender members for review.